Apr 19, 2011

How to change a program icon using Resource Hacker, UPX

How to change a program (exe) icon...

1. Since most exe programs has been compressed, we need to unpack using any unpacker programs.
e.g.,  upx -d -o utd.exe  ut.exe

UPX (extract / compress)

Universal Extractor

Unpacker / Debugger

2. Open the unpacked exe file in Resource Hacker.

Resource Hacker

3. Open "icon group", then "Action --> Replace icon".  Load any other exe file as an icon resource. 
e.g., Windows explorer.exe

4. Replace icons, then "File --> Save as".

5. If you want, you can compress the exe file.
e.g., upx -9 -o utc.exe  utd.exe

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