Jul 28, 2014

How to change boot order using Grub (Ubuntu linux 14.04)

After installing Ubuntu 14.04, the default boot entry for Grub is set to "Ubuntu" (the first one in example as below).
Ubuntu (Recovery mode)
Memory test 1
Memory test 2
Windows 7 (loader)

To change the default boot entry to 'Windows 7',
1. Open 'terminal' in Ubuntu
2. Type "sudo gedit /etc/default/grub"
3. Find a line saying 'GRUB_DEFAULT=0'.  All the entries in the GRUB menu are zero-indexed.
    i.e., the very first entry is indexed as '0' and the last one is indexed as 'n-1'.
4. Because 'Windows 7' is listed at 5th position, it has index '4'.
    Edit the line to 'GRUB_DEFAULT=4', and save the file.
5. To apply the changes, type "sudo update-grub" in terminal

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