Nov 17, 2011

How to install custom rom on Samsung Vibrant (US T-Mobile)

FIRST of all,
make sure that custom rom that you want to install is compatible in your area (e.g., US)
otherwise, you might not be able to make a phone call on your device due to different country code.

1. Root the device using Superoneclick
USB debugging mode  -->  execute Superoneclick  -->  root

2. Install custom rom using Odin3 1.85

(1) power off  -->  hold volume UP button  +  plug USB cable in  -->  download mode
(2) run Odin3  -->  load PIT and PDA files for custom rom that you want to install  -->  start
e.g., Simply honey custom rom

If they provide ZIP file instead of PIT and PDA files,
(1) copy the ZIP file with filename "" into root directory of internal SD card.
(2) recovery mode -->  reinstall package
or using "Rom manager (from Android market)", reboot in recovery mode  --> install
or install using "3e recovery"

3.  If you want to restore to original Vibrant rom (Android 2.1),
(1) download official Vibrant rom
(2) using Odin3, restore

Android 2.2 Froyo
2.2 Ginger Clone

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